How Do I Remove a 2005 Volkswagen Golf Door Skin?

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The 2005 Volkswagen Golf is a compact, German-engineered hatchback with a sporty and luxurious body design and styling. The 2005 Golf is built with strong door frames and has been rated with a NHTSA five-star front crash rating and a four-star side impact crash rating, according to MSN Autos. The Golf's door skin will need to be removed when repairing the door lock module, window regulator and the door wiring harness. It is also less expensive to remove the door skin and replace it with a new one rather than fixing dents or scratches on the old one.

Park the Golf on level ground.

Place some painter's tape across the front edge of the exterior door skin and across the back of the fender gap, without opening the door, in order to avoid scratches.

Close the window completely, open the door and place an object of any sort between the door and door opening to make sure the door stays open.

Pry and unclip the plastic trim strip away from the side-edge of the door, exposing several plastic clips and pull off the clips away from the Golf.

Pull off the plastic sticker located on top of a hole near the clips, in order to gain access to a T20 Torx screw.

Loosen the T20 Torx screw, using a T20 Torx screwdriver in a counterclockwise motion, in order to remove the lock cylinder from the Golf's door handle and expose a small plastic clip.

Pull and let the plastic clip hang, in order to remove the door handle and expose a T10 Torx screw. Remove the screw using a T10 Torx screwdriver, counterclockwise.

Remove the five T30 Torx screws found across the left, right and bottom edges of the door, using a T30 Torx screwdriver in a counterclockwise motion, in order to remove the door skin from the Volkswagen Golf.

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