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How to Withhold a Number on a Mobile Phone

Updated July 20, 2017

Times arise in our daily lives when we do not want someone to have our mobile phone number. Either we want to remain anonymous due to privacy issues or we simply do not want a call back. Whatever the reason, the solution is simple enough: *67.

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  1. Press *67 on your mobile phone. Do this before you make the call.

  2. Press the area code and number of the person or place you want to call.

  3. Press "call" or "send."

  4. Tip

    No extra costs are involved to block your number.


    You cannot block your number when making toll-free calls or calling emergency services. Although toll-free number owners have access to your number, they are prohibited by U.S. Federal Communications Commission rules to distribute them. The *67 option is available in all 50 U.S. states but may not be available in every area of every state. Contact your phone provider for more information.

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