How to make a toy steering wheel

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Young children like to incorporate activities they watch their parents do as part of a playtime routine, and driving a car is no exception. Toy steering wheels are a portable toy that your child can use in the back seat to mimic your actions as you drive the vehicle. Building a toy steering wheel for a child is a cost-effective way to create a long-lasting, custom toy.

Drill a hole large enough to accommodate the bolt through the centre of the wood block and wood plank. Drill another hole through the centre of the frisbee.

Attach the block to the plank with glue, ensuring that the holes line up.

Sand away any rough edges from the wood piece. Paint the piece in a colour to match or complement the frisbee.

Slide two washers onto the end of the bolt. Put the bolt through the hole in the frisbee, followed by four more washers. Insert the bolt through the wood block and wood plank. Secure with the nut.

Test the frisbee steering wheel to ensure that it turns easily. If the wheel sticks, loosen the nut slightly to allow more motion.

Glue the bottle cap over the exposed bolt head on the frisbee.

Paint details, such as a fuel gauge and speedometer, on the wooden dashboard.

Cut a piece of carpet to match the size of the dashboard plank. Staple and glue the carpet to the bottom of the toy to create a soft surface to rest against the child's lap.

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