How to Stop a Dell Studio Laptop Webcam From Automatically Turning On

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Dell Studio laptops are equipped with integrated web cameras for still shots and video recording. The on-board cameras are set up so that when the computer is running a program with camera capability, or a website that has a camera interface, the webcam will automatically start to function. Although this is set up for convenience by the manufacturers, it may cause a problem if the user does not wish for the camera to be on whenever certain applications or programs are activated.

Start up computer normally. Select the "Start" button to pull up the start menu. Select "Control Panel" to pull up a separate interface. Click the icon that says "Scanners and Cameras" to open the scanner and camera wizard.

Select the "Next" button to open up options. Select the "Disable Web Camera" option and then click the "Apply" button. Open up a program that would normally automatically start the webcam to test.

Right-click the "My Computer" icon on the desktop for older versions of Windows. Select "Properties" from the pull-down menu to open a new interface. Click the "Device Manager" tab from the properties interface. Select the webcam from the list to open up individual devices options.

Click the "Turn off device to save power" option under the device to deactivate it. Click "Apply." Repeat steps 3 and 4 to return webcam to an active state, as this option turns the webcam off permanently.

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