How to insert emoticons in outlook

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Emoticons, otherwise known as animated smileys, are common in instant messaging, chat rooms and e-mails. Emoticons can be a simple way to display emotion in a message. In Microsoft Outlook, you can only insert a text-based smiley using the “Symbol” menu. However, if you want more animated graphics to enhance your e-mail messages, you will first need to download the images.

Open a composed e-mail message in Microsoft Outlook.

Place your cursor where you want to insert an emoticon.

Click the “Insert” tab, then “Symbol” in the “Symbols” group. Click “More Symbols.”

Select the “Symbols” tab in the dialogue box. In the “Font” menu, select “Wingdings.”

Choose the happy face, disappointed face or sad face. Click “Insert” to place it in your e-mail message.

Click “Close” to close the “Symbols” dialogue box.

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