How to Make a Giant Lifesize Jonah's Whale

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Children especially find the story of Jonah and the whale entertaining, and these two characters make an excellent decoration for a party or event. You can demonstrate the whale's massive scale as compared to Jonah by making a giant whale to hang on a wall. Whether needed as a decoration for a vacation Bible school or a kids' crusade, Jonah's whale will astound children and help them feel more involved in the story.

Cut four 20-foot sections of butcher paper from the roll.

Walk around your facility to find a wall that would be large enough to display a life-size whale. A gymnasium or all-purpose room will likely have walls high enough to display your paper animal. A 16 to 20 foot high wall would be ideal for displaying this project.

Tack the paper up on the empty wall using invisible tape. Place the first piece horizontally along the bottom of the wall. Tape the four corners because you will remove the paper again.

Tape the second sheet of paper horizontally to the wall directly above the first sheet. The two pieces of paper should make a large rectangle.

Add a third sheet of paper to the top of the rectangle you made. Climb a ladder to reach the top of the paper. Tape up one side, then another. You may need a friend to help you hold the opposite end of the paper. Top off the rectangle with the final sheet of paper. Tape it in place.

Pencil a whale figure on the paper. For the whale's body draw a giant teardrop. The smaller part of the teardrop should face to the right and fat portion to the left.

Draw a triangle at the right side of the teardrop for the tail. Connect the two figures. The largest side of the triangle should be end of the whale's tail.

Draw a large arc for a mouth on the whale's head. Draw a large circle near the top on the left side for the eye. Use a permanent black marker to make the eye and mouth stand out.

Remove the paper from the wall gently, piece by piece. Cut the figure from the paper with sharp scissors. Reassemble the whale and tape it to the wall.

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