How to use carpet cleaner on a mattress

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Steam clean a mattress twice a year with a carpet cleaner to remove dirt as unhealthy spores of mould and mildew can collect within the mattress due to temperature changes within the room. In addition, a multitude of breeding organisms such as dust mites and bed bugs live in the mattress, feeding off dead human skin cells. If dirt and bugs are not removed from a mattress, the effects can be detrimental to human health, potentially causing allergies and breathing difficulties.

Remove dirty bedding and place into the washing machine. Plug in the vacuum, which can be any type provided it is equipped with a hand-tool attachment. Switch it on and using the hand-tool to vacuum each side of the mattress thoroughly to remove the build up of dirt and dust mites.

Stand the mattress up against the wall.

Wash out the water reservoir bottle attached to the carpet cleaner to ensure no dirt is being transferred back into the mattress. Fill the water reservoir with the recommended cap-fulls of solution diluted with water, as specified on the product bottle or in the carpet cleaner instruction manual.

Switch on the carpet cleaner and slowly clean one side of the mattress with the attached hand tool. Do not over wet the mattress, as it will take too long to dry and could cause more mould to form within the mattress. Allow one side of the mattress to dry before turning the mattress over to clean the other side.

Turn the mattress over and steam clean the other side of the mattress before leaving to dry.

Clean the four narrow sides of the mattress. Once dry, place the mattress back on the base. Place a clean mattress protector on the bed to prevent mites feeding on dead skin cells and to keep the mattress clean. Make up the bed with clean bed linens.

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