How to Register a Samsung LCD TV

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LCD stands for liquid crystal display. It is a technology applied to television screens to make them thinner and lighter, and to create crisp, clear images that appeal to consumers. This type of television set is available through companies like Samsung.

To enjoy all of the benefits of your new Samsung LCD TV, including receiving product updates, service alert and access to your warranty information, you should register your Samsung television online. It only takes a few minutes.

Visit the Samsung product registration website, located in the resource section below.

Click “Terms and Conditions.” A new window will open with the Samsung terms of service. Read them carefully. By registering your Samsung LCD TV, you’re agreeing to these terms.

Close the terms of service window once you’re finished reading it.

Enter your full name, zip code, e-mail address and password to start the registration process. Click “Submit.”

Choose “TV & Video” from the product group drop-down menu, “Televisions from the Category menu and “LCD TV” from the Sub-Category menu.

Select the model name and model code for your particular Samsung LCD TV. Enter the serial number.

Select the date, store location and store name for when and where you purchased your Samsung LCD TV.

Enter your mailing address and take the short customer service survey at the bottom of the page that addresses your decision-making process for purchasing and registering your LCD TV.

Click “Submit” to register your Samsung LCD TV.

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