How to Set Up Email on a Laptop

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Most information is now passed electronically, making it especially important to have an e-mail account. E-mail accounts are used with anything from verifications to correspondence.

As long as you have a computer like a laptop connected to the Internet, it is possible to set up an e-mail account in only a few minutes and free of charge.

Open the Internet browser on the laptop and navigate to an e-mail provider you want to use. Some sites include Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! and AOL.

Select "Create Account" and the account creation page loads onto the screen.

Type in your desired username. If the username is already taken, you are informed via onscreen prompt. If this occurs, you need to select a different username.

Create a password, then input the other desired information, including name, birth date and a reminder question and answer, just in case you forget your password.

Select "Submit" and the new e-mail account is created.