How to Upgrade IE7 to IE8

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Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) is IE7's successor. It includes security enhancements such as smart-screen filters to minimise malware downloading, as well as an InPrivate feature that allows Internet browsing without saving a history. IE7 primarily is found in Windows Vista and XP operating systems. Without uninstalling IE7, you can upgrade to IE8 in minutes and enjoy the upgraded browsers new features and enhancements.

Go to the IE8 download page (See Resources). Click the "Download" link in the upper right corner.

Select your country or region, and then click the operating system you are using. IE8 is pre-installed on Windows 7.

Click "Run." The set-up wizard launches. Read and accept the terms and click "Next." Follow the guided prompts on the set-up wizard to complete the installation. When prompted, restart your computer.

Click the "Start" menu and click "Internet Explorer" to launch IE8 after restarting your computer. When prompted, follow the guided prompts to personalise your browser. Select the "Ask me later" option if you prefer to customise your browser another time.

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