How to redeem nectar points

Nectar is a loyalty rewards program that is available for residents of the United Kingdom. After signing up for a Nectar loyalty card, users show the card each time they make a purchase and are awarded points that accumulate over time. Points are awarded for purchases made in stores, online and when purchasing travel arrangements. Once a person has collected the minimum number of points they can redeem them for purchases at select stores and locations.

Go to the Nectar online shopping link that will take you to the website of one of the following companies, Amazon, Philips and LaithWaites Wine.

Select items to purchase and click on them to go to the purchase page. If you are ordering through Amazon, you can only redeem points for gift tokens, not products.

Enter the number of the items that you want to buy and click the "Get it Now button;" the name of the button varies by site. Enter your Nectar card number and your account password and any available Nectar points are automatically deducted from your card.

Pay any outstanding balance on your order if you do not have enough Nectar points for the entire purchase.

Visit one of the following stores that are the only ones that redeem Nectar rewards, as of 2010, per the company's website, Homebase, Argos, ASK, Sainsbury's, Legoland, Vue, Windsor, THORPE PARK, Alton Towers Resort, Warwick Castle, Chessington World of Adventures and Madame Tussauds.

Select items that you want to purchase or have the cashier ring up the admission price for tickets if you are visiting a theme park or entertainment location.

Present your Nectar card to the cashier and tell the cashier how many Nectar points you want to use towards the price. If you do not know how many points you have, the cashier can look it up for you.

Pay for any outstanding balance if you do not have enough Nectar points to pay for the entire amount.

Call the Nectar company at the following number, 0844 811 0811, if dialling within the U.K.

Press the number two on your phone's keypad to select the "Treats" option from the automated menu. Then press the number two again to select the "Travel" option. Listen to the numbered options and press the number that corresponds to the travel agency you would like to use. You can use Eurostar, Expedia, Orient Express or purchase a Merlin annual pass.

Tell the phone attendant where you want to travel, or how many annual passes you want to purchase.

Tell the phone attendant your Nectar card number and your available points will be deducted from your purchase.

Pay for the remainder of your total if you do not have enough points for the entire purchase.

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