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How to Improve a Bluetooth Connection

Updated February 21, 2017

Bluetooth is a wireless connection used to hook up two different electronic devices together, such as a computer, cell phone or headset. However, like wireless networks the reception for Bluetooth equipment isn't always clear. In order to correct this issue there is a few methods you may use in order to improve the overall wireless connection of the Bluetooth equipment.

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  1. Move the Bluetooth device closer to the equipment you are attempting to use it with. For example, if using a keyboard with a computer, move the keyboard closer to the computer to improve the Bluetooth connection.

  2. Install a Bluetooth reception extender. This is for computer systems and connects directly into a USB port on the computer. Once installed you are able to receive the signal of Bluetooth equipment from often up to a mile away (depending on the strength of the reception extender.

  3. Turn off other Bluetooth equipment you are not using the computer, cell phone or other device. The reception from the different devices may reduce the accepted signal the equipment is able to receive.

  4. Move the Bluetooth device away from other wireless devices. The wireless signal from the nearby equipment may interfere with the wireless signal the Bluetooth equipment is giving off, causing the computer to not accurately accept the Bluetooth signal being given off.

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Things You'll Need

  • Bluetooth signal extender

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