How Do I Replace a BMW MINI Fog Light Bulb?

The new MINI Cooper, made by BMW, is a fun-to-drive, cool-looking car that builds on the heritage of the original Mini Cooper produced by the British Motor Corporation. Like all cars, the MINI can be expensive to have maintained, even when it comes to something as minor as replacing a fog light bulb. And while replacing the burnt out fog light bulbs on most cars is a relatively straightforward task, on the MINI Cooper it's a little more challenging. The easiest way to replace a bad bulb is to remove the wheel then replace the bulb through the inner wheel arch.

Loosen the lug nuts on the wheel located on the same side of the car as the burnt out bulb. Lift the corner of the car with a floor jack. Finish removing the lug nuts and the wheel.

Remove the plastic screws that hold the plastic fender liner in place with a screwdriver. You only need to remove the forward-most five of the screws. Pull the fender liner back to access the fog light bulb.

Turn the fog light bulb to release it from the back of the fog light housing. Insert the new bulb and turn it until it seats into the housing. Do not touch the glass of the bulb.

Reinstall the plastic screws that hold the fender liner in place. Reinstall the wheel and thread the lug nuts back on by hand. Lower the MINI back to the ground and tighten the lug nuts by hand to 89ft.-lbs.

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