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How to Upgrade the Memory in an E-Systems Laptop

Updated April 17, 2017

The now-defunct EI Systems, or E-Systems, was a notebook computer designer and manufacturer. Like other computers, as an EI Systems laptop ages, its memory may no longer be sufficient to run newer, more demanding programs. To combat this, you can install new memory (also known as RAM) to keep it up to date and extend its useful life. The RAM size and type currently installed in EI Systems computers and their overall capacity vary, so look to your user's manual and computer specs to determine the type and amount of RAM that is right for your specific computer.

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  1. Shut down your E-Systems computer, disconnect the AC adaptor and remove the battery.

  2. Flip the laptop over and locate the RAM door beside the empty battery port.

  3. Remove the screws and lift the RAM door to reveal the RAM module beneath.

  4. Lift the latches on each end of the RAM module to release it.

  5. Slide the module out of the slot and set it aside.

  6. Slide the new module into the slot and gently press down. When the latches lock down, it is in place. Replace the RAM door and battery, then reconnect the AC adaptor.

  7. Tip

    Before touching the RAM module or any other internal parts of your computer, remove any static charge in your body by touching a metal object not associated with the computer.

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