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How do I activate my vanilla Visa card?

Updated November 03, 2018

The Vanilla Visa is a gift card that can be used anywhere in the United States that Visa cards are accepted. The Vanilla Visa was created by a company called InComm. Employers can take advantage of the Vanilla Visa Corporate Program to obtain gift cards for hard-working employees, or individuals can purchase them for friends and family members. Before you can use the Vanilla Visa, you must activate it.

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  1. Choose the Vanilla Visa that represents the amount of money that you want to give. Vanilla Visa's are available in £16, £32 and £65 increments.

  2. Take the Vanilla Visa you want to purchase up to the cashier. The cashier will then activate the Vanilla Visa for you.

  3. Pay for the Vanilla Visa, sign the back of the card where indicated, and then write down the card number and the phone number for the customer service department on a piece of paper, so you will have it if the Vanilla Visa is lost or stolen. File this information away in your filing cabinet.

  4. Wrap up the Vanilla Visa and give it away as a gift. The card was made ready to use before you left the store.

  5. Warning

    You cannot reload or return a Vanilla Visa. There are fees associated with the Vanilla Visa, so make sure you read the product label surrounding the Vanilla Visa gift card before you purchase it. There are activation fees and service fees.

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