Directions to Adjust a HAG Office Chair

HAG manufactures office chairs are fully adjustable for comfort. Individuals that sit in an office chair for several hours a day realise the importance of a chair that supports their back and adjusts in seat height and depth, arm height and width and lumbar support. An office chair that is not adjusted correctly for each occupant can create aching muscles and joints at the end of the day. HAG office chairs are fully adjustable in each area from a sitting position.

Sit in the HAG office chair and reach down with the left hand to locate the seat height adjustment handle next to the seat. Slightly rise up from the chair to remove weight from it and pull the handle up. The seat rises up. Tap the handle down with weight in the chair to lower the seat height.

Place one hand on each side of the seat from a sitting position. Push the button on each side simultaneously and slide the seat forward or backward to adjust the seat depth.

Press the button on the inside of an armrest. Pull the armrest up or down to adjust the height. While depressing the button move the armrest outward or inward to adjust the width.

Grasp the handle underneath the chair and pull it out to decrease tilt resistance. For each of the five settings that the handle pulls out it applies less tilt resistance for the chair to tip farther back.

Grasp the two handles on each side of the bottom of the seat with each hand. Press both handles in at the same time and slide the lumbar back support up or down to position it in the most comfortable area on a back.

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