How to Transfer Pictures From Computer to Disc

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If you have a photo library that is building up, it is a good idea to free the drive space by transferring your pictures to disc and keeping a disk library. If you have a lot of drive space, it is still a good idea to copy your files to disc for backup, in the event that something were to happen to your hard drive.

You can transfer pictures to a separate hard drive or a CD/DVD.

Connect the external drive to your PC via the USB port. If the drive folder does not load automatically on your screen, access it through the "My Computer" folder in the "Start" menu.

Create a folder for your pictures. In the external drive folder, right click and create a new folder. Name the folder. Double-click on the newly created folder to open it.

Open the folder on the computer hard drive containing the pictures you wish to copy. Select all of the pictures by clicking on them with the mouse whilst holding down the "Shift" key to select multiple pictures and drag them into the folder you created for them on the external hard drive. They will copy to this folder. Wait until all the files have copied. A separate library of your photos now exists on the external hard drive, as backup or enabling you to free drive space.

Connect a CD/DVD writer to your computer. This is not necessary if the computer already has one as part of the integral hardware. You can connect an external writer to the computer via USB port.

Insert a blank CD or DVD into the drive. Open the CD or DVD writing software application. Select the new image directory on the disc and the photo directory where the photos will be copied.

Drag and drop the photo files that you want to put onto the disk into the image directory. When you have dropped all the files that you want to copy, click on the "Burn" icon to write the files to the CD or DVD.