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How to Redo a Shortcut in MS Word

Updated April 17, 2017

For people who do not like to take their hands off the keyboard, Microsoft has keyboard shortcuts. These keyboard instructions allow you to use the keyboard to issue commands to Microsoft Word like pressing the Control key plus pressing the letter A selects an entire document. You can redo (repeat) or undo the last action you did in Word in several ways, including using keyboard shortcuts. According to Microsoft, you can redo and undo up to 100 actions in Word 2007. Keyboard shortcuts apply to Microsoft Word 2002, 2003 and 2007.

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  1. Click on the "Control Key plus the Letter Y" to redo an action you just did by using a keyboard shortcut. You can also redo an action by using the mouse and the Quick Access Redo button.

  2. Use your mouse to click on the "Quick Access Redo Button" is located at the very top of the Ribbon in the Quick Access Toolbar. The Quick Access Toolbar is between the Microsoft Office button and your document title. The Redo Button is the counter-clockwise arrow at the end of the bar. If you move your mouse over the button, a pop-up window should read "Repeat Typing."

  3. Press the "Control Key plus the Letter Z" to undo typing or actions if you have made a mistake. There is also an Undo button on the Quick Access Toolbar. It is next to the Redo button and looks like a backward pointing arrow. There is a drop-down arrow on the Undo button. Click on the Undo drop-down menu to see your last changes and you can scroll back and undo them.

  4. Tip

    The Redo and Undo buttons will redo and undo formatting and typing, but only in the order you did them. So if you deleted a sentence in a paragraph you are typing and later realised it was the perfect sentence, you can get it back. The cost is the undoing of all the actions you took up to the point you realised you wanted the sentence back.


    Keyboard shortcuts in early versions of Word may not always work the same in Word 2007 according to Microsoft. For example, in Word 2007, if you press the ALT key plus the letter R you will get the Review tab. In previous versions of Word, ALT+R showed the Reading Layout. You can see what changes are in Word 2007 shortcuts by going to Microsoft Support article 926809 Changes to Keyboard Shortcuts in Word 2007.

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