How to Contact Gmail Customer Service

Gmail, Google’s e-mail program, is a popular and widely used e-mail service. When something goes wrong, Google provides troubleshooting tips--all web-based--to solve problems. Google uses forums that users can chat and exchange advice, and they create and update frequently asked questions pages.

Gmail provides support through the status dashboard, which alerts users to problems the site is experiencing. If a problem appears on the dashboard, Google is aware of it and is trying to fix it.

Users can ask questions and receive answers from other Gmail users or Google forum specialists. The forums cover a wide variety of topics, and users can begin new conversations. From POP servers to settings and scams, Google employees and users both submit answers to posted questions. These answers are rated, and the site highlights the best answer for the user’s ease.

Google has many locations throughout the world. Its headquarters are in Silicone Valley, in Mountain View, California. They also have locations in Atlanta, Chicago, Pittsburgh, New York and Seattle. Worldwide, they have locations in Poland, Japan, Italy, UK and Canada, to name a few. However, Google does not have a support or customer service line.