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How to Delete Music on an iPhone

Updated July 20, 2017

Sometimes that song you put on your iPhone a few months ago, one that you thought you'd keep on there forever, wears out its welcome a little quicker than anticipated. Don't worry, you can delete your music without iTunes from anywhere. If you don't have a phone compatible with the latest operating system, you can still use iTunes to remove individual songs from your iPhone. Either way, the song can quickly be deleted, and you'll never have to worry about hearing it again on your iPhone.

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  1. Open up the Music app on your iPhone. The app appears as two musical notes on with the word "Music" underneath the app.

  2. Open up the playlist featuring the song you want to delete.

  3. Click "Edit" toward the top of your iPhone screen.

  4. Scroll through your playlist until you find the song you want to delete. When you find the song you want to delete, click the red circle with horizontal white line running through the middle of it.

  5. Click the "Delete" button that appears to the right of the song title.

  6. Click "Done" at the top of your iPhone screen to set the changes to your workout list.

  7. Plug your iPhone into your computer and open iTunes.

  8. Click the arrow next to "Devices" to expand that section.

  9. Click the arrow next to the name of your phone under "Devices" to expand that section.

  10. Locate the name of the playlist that contains the song you want to delete and select that playlist.

  11. Scroll through the songs until you find the song you want to delete. When you find the song you want to delete, right click on it and select "Delete." In the upper left-hand corner of your screen, click "File," and then "Sync." The amount of time to sync your computer depends on the total size of other files that you are syncing, and the speed of your computer.

  12. Tip

    When you delete a song from the playlist under "Devices," also delete the song from the playlist under "Playlists." If you ever need to restore your iPhone, this will ensure that you are loading an updated playlist, not an old one.


    If you delete a song from your iPhone without using iTunes, you will not be able to reload the song to your iPhone until you plug your phone back into iTunes. When you are clicking the "Edit" button within the playlist on your iPhone, be careful not to press "Clear" or "Delete." Pressing "Clear" will clear your iPhone of all the songs from your playlist and leave only the name of the playlist. Clicking "Delete" will remove all aspects of the playlist.

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