How to Restore the Internet Explorer on My Desktop

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Having an Internet Explorer icon on your desktop can save a lot of time and tons of clicks in the long term. Windows 7 and older versions of Windows let you create a desktop icon for Internet Explorer just as you can for any other application or file. By default, the browser icon appears on the desktop in Windows XP and Windows Vista. If the icon disappears, you can restore it manually or with a patch.

Close or minimise all open programs to make the desktop visible.

Right-click on an empty space on the desktop. Choose "New" and then select "Shortcut" to set up a shortcut. The "Create New Shortcut" wizard will open.

Type in the location text box. Enter Internet Explorer's exact location on your hard drive. If you are unsure, click the "Browse" button and search for it in your computer's folders. By default, Internet Explorer's main executable file is located at "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe". If you copy and paste the location to the text box, include the quotes.

Click the "Next" button. Enter a name for the new desktop shortcut, such as "Internet Explorer." Click "Finish" when you are done. A shortcut with the blue Internet Explorer icon will appear on your desktop.

Go to Microsoft's technical support website and download the Microsoft Fix it 50228 (link in Resources).

Save or click "Run" when prompted to download the file. When you open the file, the "Show Internet Explorer Desktop Icon" wizard will start.

Follow the directions to restore the Web browser among your desktop icons. Restart your computer or refresh your desktop to restore the Internet Explorer icon.

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