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How to Retrieve a WoW Account Name

Updated July 20, 2017

Many players drift in and out of playing World of Warcraft games as their interest waxes and wanes. After long periods of absence, you might forget your account information when you are again eager to play. If you remember your account name, retrieving your password is fairly simple. Yet, occasionally you forget your account name and must go through a verification process to have it sent to you. This is done to increase the security of accounts because many have credit card information attached to them.

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  1. Call (800) 592-5499 between 8am and 8pm. PST. You will be connected to Blizzard's Billing & Account Services.

  2. When asked, give the operator your verified e-mail address. The operator will look up your account and ask you a few questions about it to verify your identity. These questions usually will refer to the name of a character on your account or your method of payment.

  3. Once verified, check your verified e-mail address' inbox. The operator will have sent you an e-mail containing your account information.

  4. Visit Blizzard Support and access the Account Retrieval Web Form. In the menus that appear, select "World of Warcraft" as your product, "Forgotten Account Data" as your category, and "Password Reset" as your account data type.

  5. Type your verified e-mail address into the box that appears, then repeat it in the second one. Both e-mail addresses should be identical. Provide your name in the final box of this section.

  6. Choose to verify via the last five digits of your Install Disc Authentication Key, then enter those numbers in the box provided.

  7. In the final box that appears, you can type a short description of your problem. Use this to inform the support staff that you need your account ID, not just your password reset. Once done, click "Submit." It can take up to a week for a response to come back. The response will come to your verified e-mail address.

  8. Tip

    Calling Blizzard directly is the faster of the two options.


    Avoid calling early Monday mornings, as hold times are excessively long.

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Things You'll Need

  • Verified e-mail address
  • Install Disc Authentication Key

About the Author

Julian Vargas is a student enrolled at Northern Illinois University. He is pursuing a degree in English Studies and is working towards becoming a professional writer for Wizards of the Coast. Vargas has published several technology articles for

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