How to retrieve a Chatroulette conversation


Whether you want to reminisce about what good form you were in during a previous Chatroulette text conversation, track down a cheeky user of the service you think needs reporting for breaking the site's terms and conditions, or find a user you had a particularly stimulating exchange with, there are a number of ways you can find information on your past Chatroulette conversations.

Take a look at your Chat Log if you haven't cleared it. Any text conversations you've held during your current session will be displayed here, provided you haven't hit the "Clear chat log" button at the bottom of the screen. If you have cleared your chat log, hit the "View or report past conversations" button at the top of your text chat box. Click or tap on the "All connections" tab to see all the text conversations you've had during your current session.

Navigate to Chatroulette and hit the login button in the top right-hand corner of the screen if you want to get your hands on information about a previous chat session. Enter your username and password to access the site. You can't use Chatroulette without having signed up for an account. If you want to retrieve information about a Chatroulette conversation you had while using somebody else's account, you'll need that person's login credentials.

Select the "View or report past conversations" button and hit the "Long conversations" tab. Here you'll find a list of the last 25 text conversations you had that were longer than 20 seconds. Any shorter chats will have been deleted when you logged out of the site last time. If you want to report the user you're trying to track down for breaching the site's rules, click or tap on "Report this user."

Get yourself over to third-party site Chatroulette Missed Connections if you want to try to find a conversation partner who dropped out on you due to a dodgy Internet connection. The service allows you to post a description of your aborted chat and offers people the option to reply to your search for your lost chat partner.

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