How to Stop Squeaky Chair Springs

That squeaking noise you hear from your chair when you sit down or change positions is usually caused by springs in need of lubricant. Adding some lubricant or oil to these springs will extend the life of your chair by reducing the amount of friction created each time the springs flex. Fortunately, these oils are available in a spray form to make the task nearly effortless.

Lay the chair back on the floor so that you can easily see the underside of the chair.

Look for any parts of the chair that appear worn. Worn areas may indicate that parts of the chair are rubbing together and causing a squeaking noise.

Spray a Teflon-based lubricant onto all of the springs and any worn areas of the chair. These lubricants can be found at home improvement stores and hardware stores.

Let the lubricant sit on the chair springs for approximately 15 minutes.

Wipe away any excess lubricant or drips with a dry rag. Place the chair back in its proper position.

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