How do I remove the chair from a Stannah Stairlift?

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Imagine the frustration of being unable to access areas of your own home due to limited mobility or pain. This is a struggle that many people face as they grow older or become physically impaired.

A common solution for people unable to navigate stairs is a stairlift, which is a chair situated onto a mechanical track that can be used to ferry a person safely up and down large flights of stairs. When these machines malfunction or break, it can cut off a person from important areas of their home, so quick repair is important.

Power on the stairlift using the switch located at the bottom corner of the operating mechanism.

Move the chair to the end of the track as close to the top of the stairs as it can be manoeuvred. When the chair is at the location nearest the opposite end of the mechanical track, power off the stairlift.

Remove the plastic limiter located at the top of the track. It can be removed without the use of any tools, simply dislodge it from the track by pulling on it.

Unscrew all the screws on the outer panel of the chair, where the mechanical arm meets with the chair. Removing these screws will allow you to pull the chair off the track.

Check the chair lock to ensure that it is released. The lock is located beneath the chair. To release the lock simply pull the lever so that it is facing the "unlocked" position.

Pull the chair off of the track. Be aware that the chair is quite heavy, so you may need multiple able-bodied people to properly remove it and carry it to the desired location.