How to Identify Phone Numbers From the UK

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There are several numbers to look for when verifying if a phone call is from a home, business or cell phone in the United Kingdom (UK). Every country is identified by a unique country code, including the UK. You will be able to tell if a caller is from the UK by using a simple method when receiving a call on your phone that has caller identification.

Check that the phone number contains the international access code "011" as its first three numbers.

Check that the phone number contains the UK country code "44" after the international access code, such as "011 44."

Determine the type of call based on the prefix. For example, cell phone numbers in the UK start with 071, 072, 073, 074, 075, 077, 078 or 079. See the Resources section for a list of prefixes used with UK telephone numbers. The prefix follows the UK country code, but the "0" will be dropped, such as "011 44 78."

Verify the total number of digits in the UK telephone number. There are a total of 15 digits in a UK telephone number, such as "011 44 78 3456 7891."

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