How to Remove an Acrylic Paint Mural From a Wall

penguin and lighthouse mural image by rrruss from

A wall mural can bring you years of loving your living space. Now you want change and want to remove the acrylic paint mural from the wall. Maybe you are selling your home and think new buyers will not be as fond of your mural as you were. Maybe you just need a change in atmosphere.

Whatever the case, removing an acrylic paint mural is easy, if you know a few simple steps.

Prepare the room you are working in by laying down a dust sheet. Open all the windows in the room so the fumes will be less bothersome. Adding ventilation can help prevent breathing problems. So if you have a fan, put one in the room. It should be blowing toward the windows so it blows the fumes out.

Dip a large paintbrush into the turpentine or paint stripper. The brush should be very wet with it.

Paint the turpentine or stripper onto the wall in smooth, soft motions until you have covered the entire acrylic mural. Let the turpentine or stripper stand on the wall according to the time given on the product's label.

Scrape the acrylic mural from the top down with a metal putty knife. The mural should come off in strips or large pieces. Sweep the pieces up with a dustpan and broom, and throw them away.

Sand down any rough edges on the wall; then repaint the wall whatever colour you like.