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How to change the font color on 4chan

Updated February 21, 2017

The Internet relay chat client mIRC allows you to exchange files and type to other users. 4chan is a popular channel found on the mIRC network. mIRC allows you to use multiple fonts when typing to other people in 4chan. mIRC supports functionality to allow you to use different coloured fonts aside from the default. You can change your font colour in the 4chan channel in about five minutes.

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  1. Open your mIRC chat client by clicking on the "Start" button, and then "Programs," "mIRC" and "mIRC Client.exe."

  2. Press and hold the “Alt” key, then press “R.”

  3. Click on the “Aliases” tab.

  4. Enter the following text (without the quotes): "/msg /msg $1 ?AA,BB $+ $2-"

  5. The "AA" and "BB" stand for different combinations of numbers. For example, if you would like a green background with blue text, enter the numbers “12” and “09.” You can change the numbers until you find a colour combination suitable to your tastes.

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