How to measure a bathroom sink

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Accurate measurements are a must if you're installing a new sink into an existing bathroom counter top. if you get it wrong by just a few centimetres, the new sink may not fit properly. The width and the depth of the cabinets will decide the size and type of sink you can install. The tap fittings and sink need to have adequate room to fit below any cabinets that are above it.

Figure out the type of sink and size that you would like to install in your bathroom. Note the dimensions of the sink you have chosen to install in the bathroom.

Determine the width of the cabinet in which the sink will sit. Take measurements of the inside width of the cabinets. The inside width of the cabinet should be at least 5 cm (2 inches) wider than the width of the sink.

Inspect the depth of the cabinet and make sure that there is at least 15 cm (6 inches) of space at the back of the sink to fit the taps.

Hold the new tap in place on the sink and check that it clears any mirrors or cabinets above it. Make sure that there is adequate room for plumbing underneath the sink and hold up the pipes for comparison.

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