Instructions for a Winmau Dartboard Cabinet

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Winmau is a UK company that specialises in the manufacturing, distribution and sales of dart equipment. For many years, Winmau has produced some of the highest quality merchandise in the modern game. This is endorsed by the fact that the company continues to supply products (such as the boards that are used in the annual World Championships) to the British Darts Organization. Among its extensive range of products, Winmau produces a series of functional decorative cabinets that are widely used in homes and bars around the world.

Purchase a Winmau dart cabinet. A basic selection can be found in many major sporting goods stores, although a full range can be found on the official Winmau website. Choose your cabinet in a rosewood, beech, black ash or birch finish and consider one of the many decorative emblems that Winmau has available.

Choose a wall where you would like your Winmau dart cabinet to be mounted. Measure up the wall to a distance of five feet and eight inches. Mark a point on the wall in pencil. This mark represents the centre position of the cabinet once it is hung and will line up the board to correct competition height. Drill a hole in the wall, using the mark as a reference. Insert a wall plug and screw the supplied cabinet bracket into place.

Remove the threaded stud from the packaging and insert it into the centre, rear of your Winmau cabinet. Winmau cabinets have a recognisable hole where the stud should be inserted. Screw the retaining nuts onto either side of the threaded stud and tighten them with a wrench, leaving a small gap against the cabinet faces for hanging purposes.

Lift the stud over the wall bracket and slide the Winmau cabinet into place. The small gap between the stud and the retaining bolt will allow you to position the back of the cabinet onto the wall bracket so that it stays on the wall in a flush, upright position. As you look at the interior of the Winmau cabinet, the other side of the threaded stud and the one remaining retaining bolt should still be visible at the centre point.

Screw the dartboard bracket into place with a screwdriver. The cork backing is relatively easy to penetrate and only a little force should be used. Lift the Winmau cabinet board and slide the board bracket over the visible section of threaded stud, using the small gap between the cabinet and retaining bolt as your mounting point. Check carefully to see if the board is straight. The number "20" should be facing north and the number "3" should be facing south.

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