How to lift laminate flooring

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Lifting your laminate floor is often necessary to put down new floor. Leaving the old floor underneath might cause air gaps or inconsistent levels across the floor. Laminate flooring is a common choice for homeowners since it is durable, comes in many variations of hues and textures and is inexpensive for high traffic areas. Your laminate can be removed, so you can easily move on to your new and improved flooring choice.

Position your screw driver at the edge seam of the laminate floor. Use the hammer to bang the screw driver into the small gap between the flooring and the wall.

Press the screw driver down, thus causing the floor to lift slightly. Work the screw driver beneath the floor with your hands until the edge piece is popped out from the wall.

Lift away the laminate with your hands, working in rows so the floor is intact. You might also need to reuse the screw driver at some edges since the flooring may have expanded since first being installed.

Use a metal scrapper to lift boards that are stuck to the under layment by laminate glue. Not all laminate floors are glued together, but some that are may have leaked glue to the under layment beneath.

Hire a contractor to remove the laminate if the glue has seeped through from every board. Using a scrapper is a long and tiring job that is overwhelming when applied to the entire floor. The help of a contractor can greatly reduce your time and efforts. The contractor will use a high powered glue gun to melt the glue and free the boards without destruction.

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