How to Put a Flag on a Flagpole

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A flag is a piece of fabric containing images most commonly symbolising a country, state or commonwealth. Often rectangular in shape, flags also come in other shapes typical for catching wind such as triangles, squares or cones. Flags are often flown from a mast or pole to show support or loyalty to a nation. They are also used as show a warning, decisions or borders. Flags are also a form of identification used for situations or environments where communication is difficult and or nonexistent.

Release the halyard ropes from the harness on the side of the pole. Unfasten the knot and remove the rope from of the cleat.

Lower the halyard ropes by pulling one side of the line with your hands. Lower the halyard until the clips that attach the flag's grommets to the line are in front of you.

Unfold the flag that you wish to hang until the rivets are accessible. Do not let the flag touch the ground.

Use the clips on the halyard rope to connect the flag to the rope. Make sure the flag is right side up with the rivets on the right side of the flag. Secure the clips to the rivets on the top and bottom on the side of the flag.

Pull the other side of the halyard rope to raise the flag into position at the top of the pole.

Secure the halyard rope by tying and knotting the line to the cleat on the side of the flag pole.

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