How to Clean a Brushed Leather Coach Bag

Keep your brushed leather Coach bag looking new and stain-free with gentle cleaning. Brushed leather is also referred to as nubuck and has a texture that is similar to suede. This soft and velvety leather can be damaged by some detergents and leather cleaners, so it is crucial to use the proper cleaning procedure to avoid making an existing spot larger or more difficult to remove. Try to treat spots or spills quickly before they get a chance to stain your Coach bag.

Brush the bag firmly with a suede brush. This may be enough to remove small stains and refresh the appearance of your Coach bag.

Rub stained parts of your Coach bag with a suede eraser. Some of the eraser will wear away and leave a residue on your bag during this time.

Brush the bag again to remove all of the residue left behind by the suede eraser.

Evaluate the bag to determine if all stains have been removed. If stains persists, repeat cleaning procedure until the bag is clean.

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