How do I Clean an Aircast Cryo/Cuff?

An Aircast Cryo/Cuff combines focal compression with cold to help control swelling, pain, oedema, hematoma and hemarthrosis, The cuff holds pressurised ice water and when wrapped around an arm, leg, knee or elbow, the cuff provides focal compression to that specific area. After each use, the cuff, tube and cooler should be drained. Occasionally, these items should be cleaned. When cleaning, only use a liquid dish soap. Never use any cleaning products that contain chemicals, such as bleach, as these can damage the parts.

Drain the water from the cuff, tube and cooler. Open the cuff and fully extend it so it is not rolled up. If not already in place, screw the tube over the opening on the cuff. Point the tip of the tube downward to drain all of the water in the cuff. As the water is draining, squeeze the cuff to squeeze all water from it. Continue until no more water drains from the tube. Open the cooler by unscrewing the cap and dumping all the water out of it.

Add a squirt of liquid dish soap to the cooler. Fill the cooler halfway with hot water. Attach the tube to the cooler by inserting the tip into the cooler. Plug the cooler into an electrical socket and turn the cooler on. This will allow the water to cycle from the cooler to the cuff with the tube. Allow the water to cycle for 20 minutes. Drain all of the soapy water.

Fill the cooler with warm water. Cycle the warm water into the cuff and tube from the cooler for 20 minutes to remove all soap residue. Drain all of the water. If needed repeat this step until all soap residue is removed.

Detach the tube from the cooler and cuff. Open the top of the cooler. Allow the items to air dry.

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