How to close a post office account

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Renting a post office box is good when you need to establish residency and want to receive your mail in a timely manner. Once you no longer need a postal box or account, you must officially close the box in order to have your mail redirected and the service stopped. Whether changing your address due to a move or just no longer wanting rental box service, you can close your postal box account in just a few steps.

Call or visit the U.S. Postal Service branch office where you have the mailbox to verify that your postal fees are paid and not delinquent. Your box will remain open until rental fees are up-to-date.

Ask for a box closure form. Fill out the form and a change of address form.. Return the forms to the counter agent at the post office.

Provide a valid identification card to the worker to prove you are the box holder. Only the box holder has the authority to close the account.

Relinquish the keys to the post office box to the counter worker.

Ask for a refund on any rental time you have remaining on your postal box. You will receive a prorated amount for the time left on the rental. Receive your key deposit back. You will receive 60p for each key you return to the post office.

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