How to Keep Outdoor Flags From Wrapping Around Poles

flag two image by Rick Sargeant from

Whether you fly the Stars and Stripes or a garden flag, a common problem occurs when wind blows your flag around the flagpole. Prevent this from happening by installing an unfurl sleeve at the top and bottom of your flag. With these sleeves on the flagpole, you can attach your flag to the sleeves. As the wind blows, the sleeves will rotate around the pole, preventing the flag from wrapping around the flagpole. Unfurlers of this type are for use with bracket-mount household flagpoles that are an inch or less in diameter.

Slide a plastic washer onto the flagpole from the bottom of the flagpole and push it all the way up to rest just below the top of the flagpole.

Insert an unfurl sleeve onto the flagpole and push it up so it rests snugly against the plastic washer.

Place a second plastic washer onto the flagpole from the bottom and push it up against the unfurl sleeve.

Secure the second plastic washer in place with a permanent zip tie. Surround the washer with the zip tie and tighten the zip tie with a pliers to make it exceedingly tight. Trim off the excess zip tie with the scissors.

Attach the top of the flag to the loop on the unfurl sleeve by threading one of the reusable plastic zip ties through the grommet in the flag and through the loop on the sleeve. Tighten the zip tie but do not cut it if you want to reuse it.

Pull the edge of the flag down to determine the point where the second unfurl sleeve needs to sit.

Repeat the process to add a plastic washer, the unfurl sleeve and the last plastic washer to the flagpole, positioning them at the point where the bottom of the flag will reach. Secure the bottom plastic washer with the second permanent plastic zip tie.

Attach the bottom of the flag to the loop on the bottom unfurl sleeve using the last reusable plastic zip tie.

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