How to Fix a Noise in a Washing Machine

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If your washing machine begins making strange noises such as rumbling, banging or screeching, it is time to troubleshoot the problem and fix the machine. A noisy washing machine that's ignored can become expensive later as the problem worsens and leads to damage of more expensive parts.

Inspect inside the basket for loose items. Objects such as coins, pens and paper clips can fall out of pockets and become lodged in the basket. Run the machine again to test for any further noise.

Remove the top panel by sliding a flathead screwdriver under the panel and releasing the clips. Slide the top off of the machine and shine a flashlight into the sides of the basket to check for loose items. Remove any items and run the machine again.

Place a level on top of the machine and verify that it is completely level. If the machine is at all uneven, adjust the bottom feet by turning them to the right or left. On most machines a turn to the right will raise the machine and a turn to the left will lower it. If the machine is level or still making noise after adjustments, continue trouble shooting.

Replace the drum bearings. Review your owner's manual to locate the drum bearings. Unplug the machine and turn off the water supply. Remove all necessary panels with a screwdriver. Remove the driver belt and manually spin the drum. If it makes a rumbling noise, then unscrew the drum bearings and replace them.

Replace the drive belt as well if it is worn, cracked or loose. This will prevent the need to reopen the washing machine if the noise continues after replacing the drum bearings.

Re-assemble the machine and run it again. If it is still making noise, contact a repairman for a consultation.