How to Burn a Karaoke CD in Nero

When it comes to finding instrumental audio tracks for a karaoke machine, one of the easiest places to find tracks is online. Once you have found tracks online, you can either pay to have the tracks burnt to disc for you, or you can download the tracks and burn them to CD on your own.

If you need to create a karaoke CD, you can burn the disc using Nero. Even CD+G tracks, which contain both audio and graphics, can be downloaded using Nero’s “Audio CD” feature.

Download karaoke tracks online. Websites that offer karaoke downloads include Karaoke-Version, Sound Choice Store and (see Resources.)

Launch Nero on your computer. Choose “Nero Express” from the “Nero StartSmart” menu.

Click on the audio note icon at the top of the screen to display the audio disc options. Select “Audio CD” from the list.

Press the “Add” button. When the “Add files and Folders” window appears, locate the karaoke files that you downloaded on the hard drive. Press the “Ctrl” key and hold it down while you click on each file you want to add to the karaoke CD. Once you have selected all of the karaoke files you want to add, press the “Add” button.

Close the “Add files and folder” window. Check the “Normalize all audio files” option to make sure all of the karaoke tracks are set to burn at the same volume and click “Next.”

Place a blank CD-R into the CD drive of your computer. If you have more than one disc drive on your computer, choose the proper drive from the “Current Recorder” menu.

Press the “Burn” button on the final screen of Nero Express to burn the karaoke files to CD.