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How to convert vro files to mpg

Updated July 20, 2017

The VRO file extension is a DVD video recorded file format. VRO can often simply be renamed from a ".vro" extension to a ".mpg" extension and then be MPEG compatible. Certain VRO files cannot be renamed like this however. Various shareware converters are vro compatible and allow conversion to a variety of formats including to the MPEG (mpg) format container.

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  1. Download, install and open AVS Video Converter (see Resources).

  2. Select "To MPEG".

  3. Click "Browse" next to "Input File Name". Locate and select your VRO files that you would like to convert.

  4. Click "Browse" next to "Output File Name" and set a destination for your converted MPEG videos.

  5. Click "Convert Now!"

  6. Download, install and open VRO Converter (see Resources).

  7. Click "Add Files", then locate and select your VRO files for conversion.

  8. Click "To MPEG", then click "Browse" next to "Output File Name".

  9. Click "Convert Now" to begin conversion.

  10. Download, install and open VRO to MPEG Converter (see Resources).

  11. Click "Browse" and import your VRO files.

  12. Click "To MPEG".

  13. Click the "Profile" drop-down menu and choose a MPEG profile to convert to. If you are converting for a portable media device, click the device profile; otherwise choose based on purpose.

  14. Click "Convert" to begin conversion.

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