How to Clean Leather Suites

Leather furniture provides a comfortable feel combined with a classic vibe that can be worked into a variety of decoration styles. Many people have had their leather furniture for years and some people have even passed down pieces of leather furniture through their families for generations.

During this time the leather can accumulate a lot of dirt. Cleaning leather involves no harsh chemicals. Within a few hours you can have leather furniture that looks new again.

Prepare the furniture by vacuuming with the upholstery or brush attachment on the vacuum. Brush away any dirt that may be hidden under the seat cushions or in the crevices of the leather.

Mix three or four drops of body soap per quart of water. Mix together until the water appears sudsy. Dampen a rag with this solution and clean a small spot on the sofa testing for discoloration. Be careful not to confuse discoloration with cleanliness. If the sofa has been dirty for a long time the cleaned appearance will naturally look a little lighter.

Work in small sections, rinsing the rag off as you go. Change the water whenever it starts to look dirty and use a new rag as well. For sections with tough stains, you may need to go over it more than once.

Wipe down the entire sofa, rinsing off the soapy residue left from the pervious steps by using a fresh rag dipped in clean water. You may want to repeat this step as well. If the water still appears dirty in the bucket, go over the sofa again with soapy water and rinse until the water remains clear. Dry the leather completely with a dry rag.

Remove any stains that were not removed by cleaning using store-bought leather cleaner. Follow the package directions and rinse thoroughly when finished. A soft brush can also help in removing tough stains.

Restore luster and softness to the leather using leather conditioner. Work into the leather with a soft cloth. Make sure to rub the conditioner into the leather long enough to work all of the conditioner into the leather. The leather should not feel greasy or wet.