How to request to view personnel files

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Most schools and workplaces have some sort of personnel file on you. These files are not kept in the open, so you need to request to see these files. The process, depending upon the location's policies, can be a verbal request or a written request. Depending on the facility it may take several weeks before you ever get your hands on the information.

Stop by the main office or secretary of your school or office. Here you are told of the exact individuals you must talk to about your personnel file.

Make a verbal request with the individual in charge of your personnel file. Although you may not be given a copy it is often possible to set up a day and time to look over the information.

Write out a formal letter requesting a copy of your personnel file. Submit this to the main office. Often times work environments require you to submit a written request before handing out any personnel file information. Once the letter is received and processed you are often given a copy of the information.

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