How to Fix a Hoover Vacuum?

"Hoover." [Online image] Available, 21 April 2009.

When your Hoover vacuum stops working, you may not always have to pay for expensive repairs to get it fixed. Often the problem is something simple, and you can fix it yourself. Learn how to quickly repair your Hoover vacuum at home to save some time and money.

Unplug the vacuum and lay it on its back so you can see the underside. Use a screwdriver to remove the plate on the bottom so you can see the agitator brush, the visible part of the vacuum that spins across the carpet to remove debris.

Pull up to lift the brush out. If the drive belt is wrapped around the agitator brush, slide it off the ends to pull the brush free. Note how the belt is wrapped before you remove it, so it will be easier to reassemble later.

Clean the agitator brush by cutting loose any strings wrapped around it. Hair and dirt can catch and make it hard to spin.

Take the drive belt to the hardware store for a replacement if it is broken or cracked. To reinstall it, slide it over one end of the agitator brush, and the other end around the drive shaft inside the vacuum.

Take your vacuum to a professional if this doesn't fix the problem.

Clean any vacuum hoses or attachments by inserting a broomstick, or other long, thin object into the hose when it is unattached. This should push anything clogging the hose out the other side.

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