How to Sharpen Tweezerman Tweezers

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Tweezers are a small tool used most often for plucking facial hair. They consist of a small pair of arms with slanted or rounded tips, and can grip onto very small objects. Tweezerman is a manufacturer of high-end tweezers for beauty and hygienic use. Tweezerman offers free sharpening for the life of your tweezers, if they become dull and lose their gripping power, but you may not wish to send them out in the mail and wait for them to be returned after several days or weeks---especially if you use tweezers on a daily basis. You can sharpen your tweezers yourself using an emery board.

Clean your tweezers with warm water and a mild antibacterial soap.

Hold an emery board in one hand and place it in between the two tips of your tweezers.

Squeeze the tweezers together and drag off the edge of the emery board several times. Use the same motion as you would to tweeze hair. Wash again with warm water to remove any metal filings.

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