How to Set the Time on a DC011 Dewalt Radio

The Dewalt DC011 radio is a worksite radio. It is popular for construction and other worksites where portability and durability are key. The DC011 has a built-in clock which displays on the LCD screen. If you have to replace the Dewalt's batteries, you'll likely have to reprogram or set the clock to the correct time. Setting the time is a simple matter of pressing a few buttons.

Turn the "Power/Volume" knob to the right to power the Dewalt radio on.

Press and hold "Clock" for several seconds, until the LCD screen starts flashing. This tells you the time is ready for programming.

Press the right arrow labelled "HR" to set your hour. You can only advance the hour forward. If you want to select a prior hour, cycle through.

Press the left arrow labelled "MIN" to set your minute. When the appropriate minute and hour are set, press and hold the "Clock" button again until the LCD screen stops flashing.

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