How to build a house out of lollipop sticks

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Making lollipop stick houses is an age-old fun craft. A great rainy day project, the house can be as small or large as the imagination allows, and takes a minimal amount of materials. With help even the smallest budding architect can create a model dream home using craft sticks. Easy to find at any arts and crafts shop, they come in bulk packages, and are a great craft item to have on hand.

Plan the size of your house. It can be a simple square design or an elaborate castle. The important part is to decide the size of your walls, and determine any special parts needed.

Begin construction by making floor sections. Take two sticks and lay them on the newspaper. Using another craft stick, measure so they lay an even distance apart. Do this so a craft stick can lay crosswise on top with 6.5 mm (1/4 inch) hanging over on each end. Run a line of glue along the length of both sticks. Lay eight sticks side by side crosswise on the two base sticks, making sure the edges are tight together. Put aside to dry. Make as many panels as required for the size of the floor of your house.

Build wall panels with the same method as the floors, but use four sticks for the base instead of two for added strength to stand upright without breaking. For walls with windows, there are two methods -- leave out the two centre sticks in the panel, by lining up three sticks at each end of the four base sticks, leaving a gap in the centre which becomes the window. The second method is cutting away a window in the centre of a panel with a craft knife. Only an adult should use this method.

Make a door panel by building a wall panel, and leaving out the four centre sticks. This leaves a panel with only two sticks at each outer end, and the centre left open as the door.

Create roof panels in the same size and shape as the floor panels.

Glue the wall sections to the floor panels by placing a craft stick perpendicular to each outer edge of a floor panel where a wall section will be attached. Once dry, glue the wall panel to the outer side of this board, by coating its entire surface with glue and attaching it to the wall panel. This provides a wider surface and more support for the wall panel.

Add the roof by sticking one section at a time across the top, beginning at an outer corner where there is support. You can use a paper towel tube cut to the same height as the wall panels to support roof sections as they dry. Adding craft sticks that are glued to connect two roof sections together will help keep it from sagging inwards after it dries.

Paint your craft stick house once the glue has dried.

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