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How to Become a Masonic Eastern Star

Updated March 23, 2017

The Order of the Eastern Star is a fraternal order for women. It is directly affiliated with Freemasonry, which is usually restricted to male members. The Order of the Eastern Star is not a religion, but rather a spiritual community. In order to join, a woman must generally have a relative that is, or was a high ranking Freemason. All members of the Order are required to profess a belief in some higher power, before they will be accepted to join.

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  1. Examine your family history for signs of involvement in Freemasonry. Many Freemasons are notoriously secretive about their membership and involvement with Masonry. As a result, you may be surprised to discover that one or more of your close relatives are already involved. Your heritage does not have to be immediate, so long dead relatives may still be applicable. There are some cases in which a woman may be admitted without a pedigree. In these cases, it is best to speak with local members of the Order to learn about your options.

  2. Speak with a local member of the Order about sponsorship. In order to join you'll need to complete a petition for entry. Your sponsor should help you obtain the petition and guide you through its completion. The petition is fairly simple in nature, requiring basic identifying information, the name of your Mason relative, and your affirmation of belief in a higher power or being. Once you have filled out the petition, have your sponsor forward it to the secretary of your local chapter.

  3. Meet with the investigative committee. The committee is composed of three high ranking members of the local order. These members are chosen by the Worthy Matron of your local chapter. The committee will discuss the basics of membership and answer any questions that you may have about membership. You will be asked questions related to your reason for joining and family background. After the meeting, the committee will present the results to the Worthy Matron, who will assess your performance and eligibility.

  4. Wait for the chapter to vote on your petition. If your meeting with the investigative committee goes well, your petition will be opened to the local chapter for voting. If a majority vote supports your entrance into the chapter you will be contacted to schedule an initiation date.

  5. Perform the initiation. This is the final step in your entry into the Order. The initiation is an important ritual. When you arrive on the day of the initiation you will meet with the Conductress of your local chapter. The Conductress will prepare you for the initiation ceremony and will instruct you on expected behaviour and speech. During the ceremony you will give an oath, and hear stories relating to the Order's foundational mythology.

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Things You'll Need

  • Petition for entry
  • Membership fee

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