How to Clean Grease From Grout

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Greasy residue is often a problem in kitchen areas, and the grease quickly collects and absorbs into grouted areas. To get rid of the greasy build-up, you want a cleaning ingredient that pulls out and removes that grease without discolouring the grout. Bleach-based and other chemically-based cleaners can damage and discolour your grout, making it important, instead, to use a more mild cleaning solution that is effective in removing the grease.

Fill the grout line with a coat of dish soap.

Rinse a toothbrush or nylon cleaning brush under tap water to wet the brush, and scrub over the grout.

Continue until all greasy residue is removed from the grout.

Run a cleaning rag under water and wring it out a bit. Wipe the rag over the area of grout to remove any soapy residue.

Let the tile air dry.

Repeat if any grease build-up remains on the grout.

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