How to Remove Mold From Bath Seal

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Mold creates dark stains on bath sealants or caulking that line the bathtub and sinks in a bathroom. The humid environment of a bathroom provides a perfect breeding ground for the fungus to form.

The mould attaches to the sealant, digging into the soft material and making it difficult to remove without first killing the fungus. Remove the stains as soon as possible to keep the mould spores from spreading and ruining the cleanliness of your bathroom.

Fold a paper towel lengthwise. Pour enough white vinegar onto the paper towel to saturate it.

Lay the paper towel along the bath sealant. Continue folding, saturating and laying enough paper towels to cover all the mould on the grout. Allow the paper towels to remain on the sealant for 2 hours.

Pour white vinegar into a spray bottle. Every half an hour spray the paper towels to ensure the vinegar does not evaporate.

Remove the paper towels and scrub the caulk with a damp stiff-bristle brush. Loosen all the mould from the sealant with the brush.

Wipe the mould from the sealant with a damp sponge. Dry the area with a clean towel.

Dilute 2 cups of chlorine bleach with 2 cups of water in a bucket.

Dip a stiff-bristle brush into the liquid and scrub over the mould on the sealant. Continue wetting the brush and scrubbing until the mould loosens adequately.

Rinse the mould and bleach from the caulk with a wet sponge. Make sure you remove all the bleach and mould from the surface of the tub or sink. Dry the area with a clean towel.