How to make a paper or fabric cone

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Paper or fabric cones make beautiful centrepieces for a special celebration when filled with flowers or fruit. Make a stunning centrepiece for a Thanksgiving table by crafting a cone from Thanksgiving-themed fabric and filling with fresh fruit.

Make paper cones as ice cream holders, or craft miniature fabric cones for unique party favours. Whether you are making a paper cone or a fabric cone, start with a basic circular cone pattern.

Draw a large circle on paper with a compass and pencil. If you don't have a compass, use a large paper plate. The actual cone will be as tall as the radius of your circle, so choose the size of your circle accordingly.

Cut the circle out with scissors.

Fold the circle in half, then fold in half again. Unfold the circle.

Pin the paper circle to fabric (skip this step if you are making a paper cone), then cut out the fabric circle.

Cut out one quarter of the paper circle, along the fold lines (if your paper circle is pinned to the fabric, cut out that also).

Unpin the paper and fabric circles. Bring the two cut edges of the circle together to make the cone (overlap the edges to make a narrower cone).

Glue the edges of the paper cone together and secure with dressmaking pins until the glue is dry.