How to Get Rid of Wood Mice

Mice travelling into homes can be very dangerous. Mice can carry diseases and spread them to your pets or household items. Wood mice are slightly larger than most mice, making it more difficult to get them out of your house. You can distinguish a wood mouse from a house mouse by its larger eyes and ears.

Wood mice are known for coming into houses for food rather than destruction. The best way to get rid of wood mice is to trap them.

Locate the area where wood mice are staying in your house. A common spot for the wood mice is in the kitchen under cupboards or under the sink. Look for mouse poop to pinpoint their location.

Thoroughly clean the area where the mice are located. Wood mice often hide in rooms that are cluttered because they like the darkness and burrowing.

Set traps in the areas where you found the mice. Place traps against walls, in secluded areas and behind objects. You can buy standard mouse traps that kill the mice or live mouse traps, so they can be released outside.

Bait the traps, if desired. Most mouse traps come with a scent or object that attracts mice. Good bait for wood mice are seeds, plants and fruits.

Check the traps daily. If they''re dead, dispose of the mice in a outdoor dustbin. Release them at least 2 miles from your home if you used a live trap.